7 advantages of electro-deposited coating (ED) you must know

The electro-deposited coating is a very special surface coating method. Briefly speaking, the coating is evenly attached to the metal surface to form a paint-like layer, which will not affect the thickness of the film by the human operation. Any shape of the coated object can exert the best results.

In theory, the coated material is immersed in the water-based paint. The cationic paint is the positive charge,  the coated object is the negative charge, and the electric current is between the coated object and the electrode. The coating is deposited on the object due to electrical action. A uniform and water-insoluble coating film is formed and called electro-deposited coating (ED).

Standard electro-deposited coating process

Degreasing -> Surface adjustment -> Conversion coating treatment -> Final washing -> Electro-deposited coating -> Washing -> Drying

Advantages of electro-deposited coating (ED)
1. The film has high adhesion and excellent anti-rust ability

The adhesion is stronger than the general spraying method, it is not easy to fall off, and the salt spray test can reach more than 240 hours.

2. High permeability

The recesses and hidden places that can not be reached by the general spraying method can be completely coating, such as the sandwich structure. It also improves the corrosion resistance of these parts.

3. There is no paint sagging problem

The film produced by electrolysis contains less water and solvent, so it is less likely to cause sagging and blistering problems.

4. Uniform coating film

Even though the shape of the coated object is complex, it has a uniform and smooth coating film and color.

5. Low paint loss

The control of film thickness is easy. There is a recycling system in the electro-system to minimize paint loss.

6. Low pollution

Due to the low loss of paint and low solvent content. Besides, it is a lead-free environmentally friendly coating with less pollution.

7. Not easy to catch fire

ED coating is water-based paint, no fire concerns.

Industrial application scope

aluminum/stainless steel mobile phone case, camera case, LED lamp housing, external box, notebook computer, automobile and bicycle industry, etc. In recent years, more hand tools, hardware, electronics, stationery, gifts, daily necessities such as kitchen supplies can also be processed in a variety of different colors.

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